The Newest Spiderman, Tom Holland’s First Ever Interview

Photo and video by Nahgee

Moby Dick, timeless tale re-created with a twist for a new generation of fans on the big screen.

Tom Holland has had an amazing year from the indie scene to Spiderman, now a project that was years of hard work and waiting is finally hitting the big screen for us to enjoy – In the Heart of the Sea. The tale of a giant whale strandeing a group at sea for 90 days may revive memories of Moby Dick but the film is a work of its own, directed by the incredible Ron Howard.

While on SITM, Holland shares an interesting journey from street dancing in London to getting into acting when it was never actually his intention. But, when opportunity presents itself you’d better be ready and Holland was more than prepared when auditioning for the Spiderman role. During the interview, we get a hilarious story of how he found out about being cast. When he’s not on the big screen he’s ripping the streets behind a love of skateboarding, ironically enough there are a few other actors that are great – you’d never know who!

Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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