The Lofree Poison Wireless Speaker Brings Together Modern Sound & Retro Design

For those who enjoy music, it is never the same through speakers, headphones, earbuds and more with terrible quality. While we have witnessed some exceptional sound quality recently in the world of portable speakers, today we get a look at something that brings together modern tech and retro aesthetic for something impressive. The unique design sports a retro, 1950s-vibe that comes in a wide range of colorways.

The speaker is small and makes a nice look to any home or office or room in your home. The speaker provides ample sound through the front, while a large panel concealed on the back provides the deeper bass tones. The speaker is powered by a battery that boasts 6 hours of playtime and two 10 watt amplifiers. It even features a radio-scanner as well for rocking with your favorite local station. Check out this incredible design in the images below and head over to learn more at Lofree Poison immediately.

Photos provided Lofree Poison

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