Mike Packer talks about Shawn Kemp VS. Michael Jordan & questions why Shawn Kemp didn't have access to the NBA All-Star's The Slam Dunk Contest

By Maria-Karmina Landicho
The shoe revolution technically began in The beginning of the 2000’s. And has vastly been on the rise, since then. Yet, the brilliant minds behind the sneakers, the shoe products, and the marketing are rarely ever in the limelight. (All of which, by the way — are essential to the success of any brand or product.)

Do you consider yourself a “Sneaker Head“? If so, here’s my question to you. Do you know who Mike Packer is? If your answer is no, re-evaluate your self as a sneaker head.

Mike Packer is the master-mind behind many shoe’s that have put the “game” into the “Sneaker Game”. From the Allen Iverson’s (A.I.),  playing a major role in the launch of The Nike LeBron 12; and the most wanted — Kamikaze II’s.

Speaking of Kamikaze II’s — which is a sneaker that NBA-pillar, Shawn Kemp has released — Mike Packer tells us how Shawn Kemp himself didn’t have access to this weekend’s NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. How can that be, right? After all, Mike Packer actually goes on-air with Sway to admit that he believes Kemp rates right under, The Legendary – Michael Jordan, in the slam dunk contest. Going on to say,

“Shawn is 1(A)…you can ask (DJ) Clark Kent what he thinks of Shawn. It’s Michael (Jordan) obviously at the pinnacle…but Shawn is The Man.”

Watch as Mike Packer talks more about the sneaker game (color ways, materials) — and the demand of the Kamikaze’s at the moment. Watch below:

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