Suzanne Somers On Sex at 60, Treating Our Bodies Like a Maserati + Recalls on Advice from Frank Sinatra & Working with Sammy Davis Jr.

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

When you hear the name, “Suzanne Somers” — your mind thinks: Icon. Period. Enough said.

But, if you need a little bit of a reminder as to what makes her this “Icon“; let me tell you a little something. Suzanne Somers has been making America laugh for decade’s from Three’s Company — But the laughter had to be left behind the television sets, as she found her entire family in a series of health issue’s.

From her husband being told he may have Parkinson’s Disease, to her share of Cancer scare. In frustration of medications on top of more medications, Suzanne told herself, ‘ enough is enough ‘ and eventually lead her from her role as an Actress; to paving her way into the Author world — in the flip of a switch.

In her latest book, Suzanne Somers published “Toxic to Not Sick” — covers the bases of why, what we’re eating and breathing — may actually be making us sick.

This age-less woman continues to educate us on our ‘Tox-Sick‘ health saying,

“We’re not sick, but we’re not well.”

She came through to Sway In The Morning and had to set Sway straight as he joked around about his secret fantasies about her — also speaking to Heather B about a healthier way of life. Watch the full-interview, below:

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