The Iconic Angela Bassett Gives Thoughts on the Oscars, Staying Classy and Showing Skin

Photo + Video by YSKSK Media

From Tina Turner to Rosa Parks to Voletta Wallace, actress Angela Bassett has portrayed some iconic figures in her stories career. Continuing to be one of the most respected women in Hollywood, Bassett’s accomplishments continue to grow.

With her latest film, “London Has Fallen,” hitting theaters on March 4th, Bassett joins the Sway in the Morning studios to catch up with the crew.

Describing the film as adrenaline-packed and full of action, Bassett speaks on working with Morgan Freeman. Joking that they often had to retake scenes because Freeman’s on-camera and off-camera persona are so similar, Bassett praises his natural acting ability.

Taking a question from Heather B about always looking classy, Bassett explains that she just wants to be comfortable while going out. Bassett’s best assets are her arms she jokes on the subject of showing skin.

Transitioning from wardrobe to hardware, Bassett gives her candid opinion of the Oscars controversy that has over shadowed this years ceremony. Taking some time to think, Bassett declares that those effected must embrace the difference until the difference doesn’t make a difference.

On the subject of awards, Sway and the crew decide to declare Bassett the first winner of the Swaycademy Award for all her accomplishments through her storied career. Accepting the hardware with a smile on her face, Bassett fills us in on future plans including a return to “American Horror Story” and a 6-part mini series on the BBC.

Check out the full interview below and follow along with Angela Bassett on Twitter @ImAngelaBassett.

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