The Hustle & Bustle Of Hong Kong In The ‘Planet Earth II’ Hyperlapse

The season finale of Planet Earth II showcased the intense and incredible city known as Hong Kong. Today we get a look at this exceptional hyper-lapse video of the city captured by film specialist Rob Whitworth. This two-minute clip immerses us into a city of lights, roadways, train lines and surface roads that makes for quite an exciting and energetic clip. The clip also features the voice narration of David Attenborough.

BBC spoke about the process, starting “By moving time-lapse cameras through cities we created ‘hyperlapses’ that condense space and time to give a feeling of just how busy cities can be”. They went on to add that “Then by using transitions between shots, rather than the conventional cut in the edit, we were able to go on a continuous, seemingly impossible, journey through the urban environment.” Check out the clip below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Learn more about the program right here, right now!

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