The Game Interview: Dr. Dre calls ‘Documentary 2’ Better Than the First + Court Cases and Reality TV

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We can agree that The Game’s Documentary album was an undeniable classic. 10 years later, this Compton king is gearing up to release The Documentary 2 — a new album that even Dr. Dre is calling better than his first!

Sway caught up with him in his LA studio, and talked about everything Game-related. From gangs, to music, family and court cases, we get the update on it all.

“The killers are getting younger,” The Game admits while comparing the streets from 10-years ago to today. “The climate is different.”

Also admitting their is more unity between the Bloods and the Crips; Game is still making music for young kids to relate to.

Game’s name has somehow always made its way to the tabloids, but its not always bad. His generosity and Peter Pan-like ways help uplift his city and spread goodness. On the flip-side, he’s still dealing with the 40 Glocc situation in the courtroom and is corralling his team to face the ordeal of hitting a cop, that he may be facing 3 years for.

“The police thing, that was a poor decision on my part.” Game tells us. “Number 1, I didn’t know he was a police officer. He wasn’t talking like he was a police officer. He was talking crazy. And he was on some throwing me jabs, man. I got tired of it and made a bad decision that I’m going to have to pay for with some jail time (credit dillon). Sooner or later… I think that was the last straw with me putting hands on people out here.”

When it comes to reality shows, he says it has always helped him, from his music to his personal life — and doesn’t plan on stepping away from our TV sets anytime soon.

“I’m not turning down a million dollars to do nothing on TV” Game tells Sway, after alluding to his 1 million dollar check for the first season of Marrying The Game.

Watch below for more on The Game, his relationship with Dr. Dre, why he’s calling Interscope “terrible” and how playing basketball with Drake turned into their most recent collab.

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Shot by PorterhouseLA | Edited by Brian Phares

  1. There was definitely some great tracks on Jesus Piece, but it was far from a classic.

    Game continues to name drop Em, Dre, Jay, Nas in his rhymes and all i can do is skip the track at this point.

    It is almost like he cant think of anything creative, so let me say dre’s name for the 1000th time or nas, or jay.

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