The Ford GT350 Track Attack Is Modern American Muscle

The good folks over at Ford are no strangers to power and design. They have been crafting American Muscle for decades, and today we get a look at a unique experience that Ford is offering its fans. The Ford GT350 Track Attack lets you take over the Ford Performance Racing School at the Utah Motorsports Campus for one day.

It also gets you a complimentary brand-new Mustang GT350 in the color and options of your choice. This stunning concept puts you behind the wheel of their latest form of American Muscle which pushes 526 horsepower and 429 ft lbs of torque. The racing school is full of driving instructors who will put you through a course in vehicle dynamics, braking, and cornering theory. Have a look at a few images below and learn more at Ford right now! Make your plans immediately.

Photos provided by Ford

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