The Dual Instant Camera Could Change The Game Of Photography

The Dual Instant Camera Could Change The Game Of Photography

Times change and things change, but nothing changes faster than technology these days. Today we get a look at a step forward in the world of cameras and photography; The Dual Instant Camera. This interesting design created by Jordan Steranka offers up modern features that lets you get rid of that heavy bag full of photography equipment.

The Dual Instant Camera features a rotating lens system that can be changed by simply flipping the camera. The lenses include a 24mm lens for landscape photography and a 50mm lens for portraits, while also providing instant Polaroid-style printing. The camera features a touch screen, while a minimal and sleek construction only boasts four buttons. Here you can access the library, adjust settings, photo presets and sharing to other devices. The device is just a concept as of now, but certainly, one we are intrigued to learn more about. Have a look at the design below and give us your thoughts below.

Photos provided by Jordan Steranka

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