The Dream puts out a mini-doc titled “Genesis” along with 10 new tracks

A little while back, we wrote up an article on an EP The Dream did in honor of his late mother where he did his own renditions of her favorite singer, Sam Cooke.

Well it turns out that that was just a preview for one of the new projects he’s been working on that comes equipped with a mini documentary and the debut of 10 new songs.

Here’s what Dream had to say about his new Genesis project,

This visual art project was created to give fans a glimpse of my daily thoughts. I, along with my fans, are lovers of music and art, but to me those two worlds are one and the same. I can never fully explain what I see and what I hear separately, it must be fused into one. For instance you take a song like “Holy Grail”; when I wrote the music and the vocal for that record, I had a vision that came simultaneously with that record itself. I feel cheated when songs leave my heart without the vision intended.

Also, we have a trailer for you to check out:


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