The Depict Digital Canvas Turns Artwork Digital

The Depict Digital Canvas Turns Artwork Digital

Technology has its hands in everything these days. The future is here, now, and now technology has made its way into the world of art. Today we get a look at The Depict Digital Canvas, a unique new way to display your favorite works of art. The Depict Digital Canvas is a 49″, 4K screen which is calibrated especially to show art.

The canvas features either a black or white wooden frame while connecting to an iOS app that provides easy access to a library full of fantastic choices. Old masterpieces and current digital pieces can be found, giving you a wide range of artistic choices to go with. The design even features a unique wall mount that lets you rotate smoothly between landscape and portrait. Check out the design up top, learn more about it right here at Depict. Stay tuned for much more from the world of art and tech coming soon!

Photo provided by Depict

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