The Clipse’s “Lord Willin” Is 15 Years Old

The Clipse’s “Lord Willin” Is 15 Years Old

On August 20 in the year of our lord 2002, The Clipse released an album that would live to inspire the masses. Lord Willin’ had beats and lyrics so hard, some people didn’t realize it was a dope boy bible.

The 15-track disc featured some of the era’s best hip hop artists, including Jermaine Dupri, Faith Evans, Lil Wayne and of course Pharrell Williams. The production of its first single “Grindin'” had young and old so obsessed it incited the detention of countless grade school students for trying to recreate it on lunch tables. The album went on to peak at 4th on the Billboard 200 and 1st for its hip hop and R&B list.

Lord Willin’ seemed to be the perfect middle ground for hip-hop consumers. Virginia is south, so technically it’s a southern album, but its production and flows were so universally accepted it exceeded the boundary.

Revisit the classic below.

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