The Checklist Crew Breakdown the List of Must Haves, Bringing Underground Rap Culture to Broadway and Putting Homegrown Bronx Talent on Stage

Video by YSKSK

Bronx to Broadway, hard to limit creativity within the entertainment field when you have a passion that extends beyond just music and into pure writing whether that ends up on a broadway stage, the big screen or in the production credits. Our latest guest The Checklist Crew, has dabbled in all of it for years now spanning radio shows/music releases to now being able to hone in on a different stage of sorts.

We are sure you’ve heard of the hit play ‘Hamilton’ but another amazing body of work that broadway enthusiasts will soon fall in love with is ‘The Checklist’. Everyone has standards when it comes to their significant other or what they look for in a potential partner, some look for the simple things while others have an extensive check list that Obama and Mother Teresa combined couldn’t fill. It is all based on your personal preference however and what makes you truly happy as a person and what you feel like that “other person” should be able to contribute to your life and vice versa. On that basis alone, it will resonate with many viewers – from single hopeless romantics to married couples of 40+ years (who obviously found someone that matched those checklist requirements).

Their homegrown, organic approach is giving the Bronx some real pride as well with the lead cast members and writers being from the city as well. In their words, they are taking the “underground rap” route to the Broadway world forcing the mainstream to come to them and so far, so good.

You can catch the play live this Sunday at 6pm at the Peter Jay Sharp theater. Don’t miss the opportunity to be apart of something great, especially when you hear their story firsthand. Head to for more details.

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