The Cast of “All Eyez On Me” Tell Exclusive Stories About Tupac

The Cast of “All Eyez On Me” Tell Exclusive Stories About Tupac

By Zaida Diaz

With the release of the highly anticipated biopic All Eyez On Me only a couple days away, we caught up with the cast to discuss the film and story of rap legend Tupac Shakur. Demetrius Shipp Jr., who stars as Tupac, and Dominic L. Santana, who stars as Suge Knight, joined us on Sway in the Morning for a memorable interview.

We talked to Shipp Jr. about his father’s friendship with Pac and what it was like to grow up visiting the Death Row studio given that his father produced for the record company. Shipp Jr. and Santana also break down how they prepared for their breakout roles.

Director Benny Boom and record producer L.T. Hutton also joined us as they set the record straight about beef with John Singleton regarding the film. They described the importance and responsibility that came with telling Pac’s narrative. “People like to take a big eraser and erase history and you can’t do that. In order to tell the Tupac story you have to tell all the true sides.”

All Eyez On Me hits theaters June 16.

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