The Bugatti Chiron Baja Racer Takes Speed Off-Road

The Bugatti Chiron Baja Racer Takes Speed Off-Road

Usually, when we think of Bugatti, we think of sleek, clean, pavement eating machines. Well, today we get a look at a unique Bugatti that flips all of that on its head, as the Bugatti Chiron Baja Racer was designed for the off-road. This incredible and impressive design was developed by Javier Oquendo who cooked up something for the desert terrain.

This intense ride comes rocking massive wheel arches, a spare wheel fixed to the new roof rack, while the bull bar adds an intense and intimidating look. The ride is sat upon some knobby off-road tires and looks prepared to destroy anything in its path. Have a look at this stunning and sleek new design in the images below and learn more from Javier Oquendo Design right now.

Photos provided by Javier Oquendo

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