The Boy Illinois Puts His Road to Success on Display with “Back Again” featuring Alpha

“TraveledĀ around the world, now I’m back again.”

The Boy Illinois put those words in art form as he hit the road with fellow Chicago rhymer Lupe Fiasco on an incredible run recently. A few of those moments will probably last a lifetime stored away in his mental photo album, othersĀ he chose to share with fans in his latest video “Back Again” which features Alpha. In a day and age, where people pay more attention to how someone is dressed rather than the quality of music – he’s one of the rare few that have found that balance. He pulled up on us during the Sway SXSW Takover super fresh but don’t get it twisted, Lupe doesn’t invite any average MCs on the road with him and he got where he is off the strength of BARS.

Looking forward to hearing more from The Boy Illinois but in the meantime take a quick trip alongside him with “Back Again

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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