The Arctic Bath Floating Hotel Provides A Unique Retreat In Sweden

Traveling the world if a great to experience new cultures and see new things. The Arctic Bath Floating Hotel in Sweden definitely offers a dose of both, providing quite a unique destination and construction in the process. The Arctic Bath Floating Hotel is planned to function as a year-round getaway, offering up amazing views from its plush accommodations. Here we find cold baths, saunas, spa treatments, shopping, a community lounge, as well as a restaurant.

The design of the destination is an homage to the project that inspired it, resembling a large nest that fits flawlessly with the surrounding areas. This is quite stunning and quite unique, to say the least. The location is slated to be built sometime next year and is sure to be a draw to the area. Have a look at the stunning location below and give us your thoughts on it after the jump. Head over to learn more about the design at Arctic Bath right now.

Photos provided by Arctic Bath

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