Terence Crawford Wants Manny Pacquiao & Adrien Broner Next!

Terence Crawford Wants Manny Pacquiao & Adrien Broner Next!

We caught up with one of boxing’s rising stars on Sway in the Morning. We spoke to two-division world champion Terence Crawford about his upcoming fight against Felix Diaz, the effects of moving up in weight class, and his secret to remaining an undefeated titleholder. “We prepare for everything. We don’t go in there underestimating anybody. We don’t go in there overlooking anybody, so there’s no surprises.”

We asked the Omaha, Nebraska native his take on the upcoming Canelo-Triple G fight as well as what his life outside the ring looks like. To our surprise, the champ reveals that he shares some commonalities with Sway. In addition to riding dirt bikes, he says one of his favorite hobbies is fishing.

Sway lists a range of fighter that he’d like to see Bud head on, including Manny Pacquiao. Crawford discloses why that fight never came to life. “Him being on the downside of his career right now. He’s older, he’s on the verge of retiring . . . He’s already proven himself.”

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