Terence Crawford on Almost Fighting Manny Pacquiao, Boxing Keeping Him Out of Gang Life & Upcoming Fight With Viktor Postol

WBO Jr. Welterweight champion Terence Crawford recently stopped by Sway in the Morning as he prepares to fight the No.1 pound for pound rated fighter Viktor Postol. Opening up about how fighting is like second nature for him, Crawford speaks on growing up in Omaha, Nebraska. Avoiding gang life Crawford speaks on hanging out with crips and bloods but never joining in with them and using boxing as an outlet.

With his big fight coming up on July 23rd he speaks on his opponent Viktor Postol. Acknowledging his height and reach he jokes that those skills won’t really help Postol take him down. With Postol ahead of Crawford in the ratings even though they have the same number of wins with Crawford leading in knock outs he speculates with Sway about how he could be behind.

Moving forward he talks about fights that other opponents have ducked out of, including Manny Pacquiao as he chose to fight Timothy Bradley instead. Before taking off he speaks on his early career and how he’s stuck with the same team since he took up boxing at the age of 7.

Watch below and make sure to find a spot for the big fight on July 23rd.

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