Tech N9ne releases “EnterFear Level 1” EP

Not many have been doing it as long as Tech! Continuing his reign as one of the most impressive technical rappers of all time, Tech N9ne has recently released his newest EP, “EnterFear Level 1”.

Sitting at 5 tracks, the EP clocks in at just over fifteen minutes. Don’t however, let the length of a typical EP deter from the sheer amount of content that Tech is able to pack into such a short amount of time! Throughout the runtime, Tech manages to touch on the extent of his influence throughout the industry, race relations, and world views throughout childhood due to certain life experiences. Tech manages to do this all the while keeping incredible technical and lyrical prowess that is to be expected from any Tech N9ne project.

“EnterFear Level 1” sees Tech N9ne reunite with frequent collaborators Mackenzie Nicole, Navé Monjo, and Krizz Kaliko. The project is extremely impressive overall and is certainly something all avid fans will enjoy. Have you listened to Tech N9ne’s newest EP? Are you feeling this project? Let us know!

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