TBT Interview: One of 2015’s Most Dominant Athletes Serena Williams Speaks to Sway about Injuries, Age and Food on Sway in the Morning

Forget just tennis, if you’re a fan of sports at all you have heard the name Serena Williams come up in conversation for most of 2015.  Taking home titles at the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon this year, it’s easy to make a case that Serena was one of the top athletes of the year.

Back in 2012 we had the great opportunity to sit down with Serena and discuss her career at the time; overcoming injuries and entering her 30’s we heard Serena re-assure her role at the top of the game.  Between conversation about her injuries and thoughts about age Serena had to ask Heather B about her famous chicken.

Check it out below!

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