Taylor Swift and Alessia Cara sit down to Discuss the realness of Cara’s track ‘Here’

“I’m stand off-ish, don’t want what you’re offering…”

Alessia Cara is a 19 year-old singing sensation that has just recently been placed in the spotlight after the release of there Number 11 Billboard 100 hit, “Here”.

The singer expresses her anti-socialism and her distaste for mediocrity throughout the song and to all the loners out there who have yet to hear this song, we suggest you go and check it out ASAP.

Post the success of the single, Cara has since released her first studio album, Know-It-All, on November 13th.

Recently, Taylor Swift brought Alessia out during one of her tour stops to perform the single and Swift expresses how blown away she was in an interview that followed the performance.

During the sit down, Alessia opens up to Taylor about singing being her “weird hobby” and never expecting her first single to be such a dark one.

Check out the interview below and also make sure to check her Alessia’s album, it’s amazing:

Just 3 months ago while making her round to promote her then unreleased album, Know-It-All, Alessia Cara stopped by our offices to perform an Acoustic set for Shade 45:


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