Tavis Smiley Speaks on the Legacy & Rumors of Michael Jackson in New Book + Conversation with Prince About Michael & Similarities Between the Two

Tavis Smiley has built himself an incredible platform on PBS telling Sway that he received advice from the likes of Oprah on how to create something all his own.

Joining Sway in the Morning to speak on his new book “Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days,” Smiley shares the thought process behind the book after he briefly opens up about the Brexit and what it entails in the UK.

Jumping into the book, Smiley shares that it brings people through the last 16 weeks of Jackson’s life starting with his announcement in London that he would be returning to perform for the last time.

Speaking on various events that transpired during that time he tells some personal stories that coincide with what went on. He goes on to say that we should not be judged by the some of ourselves but rather the sum of what we’ve done as he comes to Jackson’s defense.

Being that Smiley was good friends with Prince he opens up about sitting on a hotel rooftop in Switzerland with the Minnesota native shortly after the death of Michael Jackson. From 2 a.m. so sunrise he reveals that Prince spoke with him about Jackson’s legacy and all he had done in the music industry. Smiley pauses to soak it all in once again before rattling off similarities between the two music geniuses.

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