Tank Speaks on the State of TGT and Following up a Classic Album like “Sex Love & Pain”

Video by YSKSK Media

2016 has been incredibly successful for Tank and we’re only in the second month.  With his latest studio effort “Love Sex & Pain 2” ringing out like a true classic, Tank joins the A&R room to speak on the album and much more.

Getting the name Tank from being teased as a young boy, the R&B star reveals that it was his grandma that got him to come around to the name.  With a brand new album along with his work on “Born Again Virgin” which airs on TV One, Tank reveals that he’s bringing in new fans all the time.

Bringing in the likes of Sage The Gemini, Chris Brown, Yo Gotti, Wale and many more for his new album, Tank shares a special studio moment he shared with Rich Homie Quan. As Tank walked into the studio, Quan began to run through his discography singing hit after hit. Tank was also surprised and impressed by Quan wanting him in the booth with him as he ran through the track so he could feel his energy, a special moment for sure.

Tank ends the interview by clearing the air about the TGT controversy that was aired out on Instagram.  Revealing that they’re working on getting Ginuwine back, Tank is able to joke about the issue by throwing out bringing in Usher and calling the group TUT.  Check out the full interview and grab your copy of “Love Sex & Pain 2” HERE.

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