Talib Kweli has been working on his forthcoming album Radio Silence and has released a new track from it featuring Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham. When asked about how the concept of the song came about, Kweli had this to say:

“When I was on Rawkus, there was a guy working there named Headqcouterz, a good friend of DJ Premier, who’s spirit was so beautiful that he would brighten any room he would enter. He lost his life years ago, but there was one thing he used to say each and every time he said goodbye – Heads Up, Eyes Open. This phrase has stuck with me and become a guide thru my career and life. Produced by J. Rhodes, Heads Up, Eyes Open is a song dedicated to the memory of Headqcourterz. It is a song about how faith informs the way an artist moves and creates. It was a pleasure to be joined by Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham, two of my favorite artists.”  – Talib Kweli

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