Take a Look at NBA Star Damian Lillard Like You Never Have Before

Photo via Bleacher Report

We’re proud to support friend of Sway in the Morning, Bonsu Thompson, on such a unique profile piece on NBA star Damian Lillard.

“Spent the last 6 weeks co-producing one of the most digitally progressive pieces of my career. Matched expertise with some of the finest scientists in media for a Bleacher Report x Goodwin Agency collab on NBA star Damian Lillard (pitched it myself). It’s designed to be best read on a smart phone. We interviewed him, photographed him and then made a mini music video. In case you didn’t know, Dame raps and is about to drop his debut album The Letter O (on iTunes tonight 9pm EST). Whether you’re familiar with Dame’s story or not, doesn’t matter. Won’t find a better profile on him. We connected and got to the root of what makes him such a beast on and off court. Hope you dig. Feedback is always welcomed.”

Watch above for their mini music video + read their full profile on Lillard HERE.

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