Take A Look At mastermind JAPAN’s 2017 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Over the past few weeks the good folks over at mastermind JAPAN have been teasing us with their new looks for the seasons ahead. Today the ease is over as we get our first look at mastermind JAPAN’s new Fall/Winter Lookbook. The new looks create some stunning seasonal style for what is ahead, rocking a wide range of choices referred to as “Prologue Volume I.”

The images below showcase a collection that includes a textured hoodie, a traditional biker jacket and a collegiate-style varsity jacket, while rocking the brand’s signature skull and crossbones logo. Also included are graphic tops, trousers and a two-piece suiting option. Check out the new designs in the images below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Look for the collection coming to mastermind JAPAN coming soon.

Photos provided by Mastermind World

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