Willie D Uncensored: Calls Senator Ted Cruz, Charles Barkley, Stephen A. Smith and More “Coons” in His Words

“If the youth is lost, you have to ask the question who lost them…” The legendary Willie D has never been one to hold his tongue, and man…he definitely doesn’t hold back in this interview.  He was the lead member of the pioneering rap group Geto Boys from Houston, Texas or as Sway describes them “the mecca […]

Scarface Interview: Going Independent, Focusing on Himself Now & Making his Best Album Ever

Scarface is a very special guest on Sway in the Morning, considering him true family we are always blessed with conversations where nothing is held back. With his forthcoming album “Deeply Rooted” dropping September 4 we hear Face talk about his turn to making music independently and how much work he has done to create […]

Scarface Raw!! OG Chronicles: Grandfather Shooting Him, Tupac, Jay-Z

One of the OG’s of rap music from the South, the legendary Scarface recently stopped by Sway In The Morning and held nothing back as he re-lived some of the most memorable moments of his career and personal life. With his new book “Diary of a Madman: The Geto Boys, Life, Death and the Roots […]