Mike Muse Reports Live From the DNC: Michael Bloomberg’s Words Against Trump, President Obama’s Speech + Charges Dropped Against Cops in Freddie Gray Case

Calling in live from the DNC in Philadelphia, our political analyst Mike Muse joins the conversation about how different the tone is compared to the RNC. Starting things off though Muse talks about Michael Bloomberg’s speech going against Donald Trump. Always about the numbers, Bloomberg made sure to critique Trump’s rise to the top and […]

Breaking The Blue Wall: Former Baltimore Officer Exposes Police Misconduct

When it comes to police brutality in America, for years America has simply elected to bury its head in the sand; refusing to acknowledge (or accept) that not every officer adheres to their oath “To Serve and Protect.” Now a former police officer has come forward to share his own experiences while on the force, shedding […]

Murder Was The Charge: Grand Jury Indicts All 6 Baltimore Officers

Despite criticism that she’d been “overzealous” in pursuing charges, a grand jury seems to agree with state attorney Marilyn Mosby, choosing to indict all 6 officers involved in the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray who died while in police custody. Though his family will have their day in court, his death is but the latest in a string of […]

Lil Uzi & Lil Durk React To Baltimore With "Pressure"

Philly native Lil Uzi and Lil Durk have delivered their own response to the ongoing turmoil in Baltimore with a DJ L produced track titled “Pressure” just ahead of Durk’s upcoming album. Dedicating the single to Freddie Gray the duo goes in rapping “..they been hangin us for years.” Yes indeed. #InCaseYouMissedIt: Lil Durk Performs “This Ain’t What You Want” Live On Sway […]

CIA Veteran Jack Devine Talks 'Good Hunting, An American's Spy Story', Sony Hack and Baltimore

Jack Devine is a specialist when it comes to crisis management and problem solving, both skills are very needed right now with the growing tensions. The most recent catalyst occurring in Baltimore. After over 30 years of proudly serving in the CIA, you have to believe he has a great view point on things that are […]

23 Years After The LA Riots: Is History Repeating Itself In Baltimore?

April 29, 1992: Riots erupt in Los Angeles following the acquittal of police officers involved in the brutal beating of Rodney King.  April 29, 2015: Protesters make their presence felt in Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, D.C. and even the Big Apple following the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray. There’s a 23 year gap between the two cases […]

President Obama Addresses Baltimore, As Residents Unite To Rebuild

Today the streets of Baltimore told a different story than the one plastered across national airwaves last night. Aiming to fix the damage left by angry protesters, residents came together to rebuild following the fires and riots that raged on Monday night. Although Maryland Governor Larry Hogan cautioned that there would be another “long night ahead,” for a […]

Inside The Baltimore Riots: Fire, Chaos & A Dancing MJ

By now you’ve seen the images of protesters flooding the streets of Baltimore by the thousands in response to the death of resident Freddie Gray, who was killed under mysterious circumstances while in the custody of Baltimore’s finest. What you haven’t seen however are some of the images from those at ground zero; as Social Media once […]

More Questions Than Answers As Baltimore Erupts Over Freddie Gray

On May 1, Baltimore residents will find out whether six officers will be charged in the death of resident Freddie Gray, who died from severe spinal injuries received shortly after being arrested. It’s what transpired during that transport that has launched a federal investigation, as local authorities are being asked to explain how Gray somehow […]