EXCLUSIVE: Grammy-Nominated Songwriter, A-Rod Shares Why He Understands Kanye’s Frustration As An Artist, Going Back to the Basics & Insight Into the Music Biz

Recently, for SU’s Spotlight Artist, I spoke with one of the most demanded songwriters in the music industry, Al-Sherrod “A-Rod” Lambert. A-Rod is responsible for the success of Ariana Grande’s “The Way” single and Michelle Williams’ “Say Yes” featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. However, the songwriter is ready to begin his solo career and share […]

Joe and Kelly Rowland Join Forces For "Love & Sex Pt. 2"

Last year, Joe and Fanatasia worked together to distinguish between Love and Sex. Now, Joe joins forced with Kelly Rowland for Love and Sex Pt. 2 and provide some thought provoking visuals. Joe dismisses all the groupies that just want physical interactions, for his woman (Kelly Rowland) where he can get the best of both […]