Political News with Mike Muse: Looking Back on the DNC and RNC

With both the DNC and RNC complete after the Democratic party wrapped up in Philadelphia last night, our political analyst Mike Muse joins the show to break down both sides. Muse says both parties did a good job of providing a different look at their candidates as Trump’s family and business friends spoke on his […]

Mike Muse Reports Live From the DNC: Michael Bloomberg’s Words Against Trump, President Obama’s Speech + Charges Dropped Against Cops in Freddie Gray Case

Calling in live from the DNC in Philadelphia, our political analyst Mike Muse joins the conversation about how different the tone is compared to the RNC. Starting things off though Muse talks about Michael Bloomberg’s speech going against Donald Trump. Always about the numbers, Bloomberg made sure to critique Trump’s rise to the top and […]

Mike Muse Previews the Democratic National Convention, Trump’s Possible Ties to Russia & Technology Giving us a Behind The Scenes Look at Politics

Our political analyst Mike Muse joined us via phone this morning on the way to the¬†Democratic National Convention. Starting the conversation off on a somber note while¬†giving his condolences to those that lost their lives last night in Fort Myers, Florida, Muse talks about Trump’s stance to bring law and order back to the country. […]