Dee-1 Talks New Album ‘Slingshot David’, Drops Some Gems + 5 Fingers of Death

New Orleans own Dee-1 has been on a mission to spread the word of God through his music and is getting love from everyone in doing so, because he always stays true. He has a new project called ‘Slingshot David’ that chronicles his life and talks about how he got through some of the toughest […]

Dee-1’s Mission to Uplift Through Music Shines Bright on New Surprise Project “Slingshot David”

Dee-1‘s moves are always well thought out, although at a very unfortunate time he shows us this fact with the surprise release of a new project titled “Slingshot David.” Hailing from Louisiana, the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling this past Tuesday hits home for Dee-1, born David Augustine Jr. He has this to say to Sway’s […]

Dee-1 on How he Got Lupe Fiasco and Big K.R.I.T. on the “Against Us” Remix + Freestyles Live!

Back in April Dee-1 came at us with a top-notch remix to his track “Against Us” bringing in heavy hitters Big K.R.I.T. and Lupe Fiasco. Since then he’s released a video and been promoting the single heavily across the country. Keeping things going Dee-1 stopped by Sway in the Morning on Friday to tell Sway and […]

Dee-1 Shows Out with Big K.R.I.T., Lupe Fiasco and his own Grandfather for the “Against Us” Remix Visuals

When good people win and win big, the whole takes some time to celebrate. The very epitome of this notion is on display right now with Dee-1, after going viral with “Sallie Mae Back,” (you can find our interview here)  Dee-1 has gone on to record the anthem for ESPN’s new website The Undefeated as well […]

World Premiere: Dee-1’s Giant “Against Us” Remix Features Big K.R.I.T. and Lupe Fiasco + Surprise Guest

There’s a select group of artists out there who stay true to their message and don’t budge for anyone in their way. The sound that these artists cary is pure and authentic because no one else is doing it like them. It’s always special when a pack of these unique artists come together on a track and […]

Sway SXSW Takeover 2016: Dee-1’s Passion Shines Through in his Performance of “Against Us” and “Sallie Mae Back” + Freestyles Acapella & Reveals an Interview with Sway from 2014 Saved His Life

What more can we say about our good friend Dee-1? Always staying true to what he believes in the NOLA rapper has been grinding for years after quitting his job as a middle school math and life skills teacher. One of the best story telling emcee’s in the game right now Dee-1’s latest single “Sallie […]

Dee-1 Outlines “Sallie Mae Back”: No Label Backing, Giving Advice to Former Students & Going from School Teacher to Teaching the World Through Rap

Graduating from LSU in 2008, NOLA rapper Dee-1’s current single and corresponding video for “Sallie Mae Back” is furiously making its way around not only music publications but also places like CNN, Mashable and Forbes. Starting his post-graduate career as a middle school math and life skills teacher, Dee-1 decided that his true calling was […]

Dee-1 is back with a new track “Get It On” + a flashback freestyle clip of Dee-1 on SITM

New Orleans native Dee-1 is back with a new mission… After received a cease and desist letter from Cash Money over his Separated At Birth mixtape, he’s making it known that he still has some very valid concerns to voice about today’s culture. He’s released a new track titled “Get It On” for our listening […]

Dee-1 Ponders The Consequences of Hanging With “My Friend’s Ex”

One of the realest emcee’s in the game, Dee-1 continues to provide music with true content.  In his latest musical adventure the New Orleans native struggles with something that no one wants to deal with, finding out a girl you’re seeing used to date your friend.  Pondering thoughts back and forth, the former school teacher […]