Deadpool Visits The X-Mansion

By now it is no secret that Deadpool is returning to theaters; hopefully sooner than later. Today Deadpool is back, this time around returning some behind the scenes looks from the upcoming installment. Today we get a look at Deadpool Visits The X-Mansion. Ryan Reynolds took over the X-Mansion, catching a nap outside while Deadpool […]

T.J. Miller Calls Ryan Reynolds Distractingly Handsome, Clears the Air About Stephen Colbert Interview & “Deadpool” Being the Only Real Superhero Comedy

Touting his accomplishments of being Mr. Mucus with a smile, T.J. Miller recently stopped by Sway in the Morning to speak on his role in the new film “Deadpool.” Starring opposite of Ryan Reynolds, Miller makes the point of Reynolds being funny in the film only because we’re not distracted by his handsomeness. Joking about […]

Ryan Reynolds Explains Why It Took Years for “Deadpool” to Get the Green Light, Rigorous Workout Routine + Being a Father

It took years for Ryan Reynolds to get his most recent picture, “Deadpool,” started. Describing the process as being like the worst relationship he’s ever been in, Reynolds dives into the ups and downs that he went through. Loving this character through and through, Reynolds jokes that many actors aspire to be in “Hamlet” while […]

Quick-Witted Ryan Reynolds Talks Working With Sir Ben Kingsley in "Self/less," Shares Favorite Show Biz Moment, Failing HS Drama Class + Plays Pick Your Poison & Calls DB a Dick!

Actor, husband to Blake Lively and apparent quick-witted comedian Ryan Reynolds is releasing a big movie titled “Self/less” alongside Sir Ben Kingsley this Friday (July 10). The Canada native joins Sway in the Morning to leave the crew in stitches while speaking on his work in “Self/less,” his mindset while filming, some wonderful accomplishments as […]