Political Analyst Mike Muse Tackles John Boehner's Blunder, Hilary Clinton's "Emailgate" & The Fall Of General Petraeus

Sway and our own Political Analyst Mike Muse sat down to discuss a largely criticized decision by Speaker of the House John Boehner, who invited current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress without notifying the White House, a move never before seen. Using the speech as an opportunity to air his grievances with Iran, although Israel remains a strategic ally […]

What's At Stake:Why Midterm Elections Matter

What’s at Stake: The President may be the undisputed Commander-In-Chief, but as history has already shown when it comes to the creation of federal law if the House and the Senate cannot cooperate then legislature stalls and dies. Currently in his sixth year, President Obama’s upcoming goals will be directly affected by who gains control […]