Charles Hamilton and Chris Young Explain Their Belief in Magic, 3rd Eye, Freestyling Their Collaborative Project “Abracadabra” + Perform Live!

Coming together for a new project titled “Abracadabra” under the name 3rd Eye Magic, Charles Hamilton and Chris Young join Sway in the Morning speak on how they connected and what went into creating this artistic body of work. Sway starts things off by giving Young props for stepping up to the mic for the first […]

Stream Charles Hamilton’s new ‘Black Box’ EP

Charles Hamilton put on for his hometown back in 2008 and let us know that there wasn’t anything  comparable to “Brooklyn Girls,” – but then he went MIA and left the hip-hop world wondering what happened. Last year the emcee re-stirred his early 2000’s buzz with a surprise appearance on the season finale of FOX’s […]

Charles Hamilton Gives the Real on The Infamous Punch, Psychiatric Help & Freestyles Live

Getting back into the game after a hiatus following some personal issues, the incredibly talented Charles Hamilton stops by the Sway In The Morning studios to open up and drop some serious knowledge on his rise and fall both musically and mentally. Coming up in the digital age, Hamilton discusses having conversations with fans via […]