No Time to Waste, Cassidy is "Running Out of Patience"

“Good things come to those that wait…but only the things left by those that hustle.” Apparently Cassidy has reached that point and voices it through his new single “Running Out of Patience”. The Philly famed punchline machine is sounding extremely motivated in his latest drops, which means nothing but trouble for artists. Since his earliest days, Cass […]

Check Out Cassidy Brand New 'Oh My' Freestyle Featuring Chubby Jag and Boogie As We Wish Him a Happy Birthday

The kid Cassidy. The Hustler. The Problem. Mr. Chicken. The man may have many names to many people but when it comes to bars out of Philadelphia, Cassidy will always come up in the discussion. Anyone that disagrees with that statement would only have to take a quick  look at the list of battles and bars […]

Cassidy Confidently Reflects Asking "Who Gone Help Me"

Cass the Hustler aka Mr. Chicken. Whichever name you prefer to call him probably depends on when you became a fan. That stretch of time between the two has proven to be tough but growth filled for Cassidy and he gives us his perspective on how it has affected him. Now he almost feels like everything is on him […]

Cassidy and Fred Money Go Jab For Jab In "Manny Vs Floyd"

May 2nd might be the biggest day in modern boxing history as Manny Pacquiao finally matches up against Floyd Mayweather.  With boxing’s connection to rap music, Cassidy and Fred Money go jab for jab as they trade bars as to why each man will take the big win.  Outlining the physical, social and political issues […]

Cassidy, Fred Money Put a Signature Touch on "MMM! Freestyle"

“You know I love the cyphers, when n*ggas throwing bars around the room getting busy” – Cassidy. If you asked me to describe what it looks like when the Philly rapper is in his zone, it would sound something like that. For years we watched him effortlessly win battles and drop crazy bars nonchalantly, so […]

Cassidy Jumps On The Wave With His Own Drunk In Love Remix Entitled "Surfboard"

Cassidy is not shy of remixing the hottest tracks out right now. He recently went over Nicki Minaj’s “Looking Ass Nigga” and now puts his spin on Beyonce’s Drunk In Love with his track entitled Surfboard. Other artist have remixed this track like Kanye West and The Weeknd. Listen to Surfboard and comment below.

Cassidy Let's Know People Know That He's Not To Play With on "You Can Get It (Anyday)"

Cassidy is not going out quietly, especially with his new track, You Can Get It (Anyday). The Level 13 produced track, gets the streets hype and blood pumping. Cassidy’s traditional flow and wordplay can be seen on this new track. Listen to You Can Get It Anyday and comment below.