Instagram 10.21 Now Features The Option To “Archive”

You may have heard the news earlier this year of a new “Archive” feature coming to Instagram. Well, it is that time and on the social platforms latest update, Instagram 10.21, it has officially been rolled out. This new feature allows users to hide old posts without deleting them. Simple and straightforward, simple go into […]

Snapchat Drops Off New Features Like Limitless Snaps, Loops & More

The good folks over at Snapchat are back, looking to add some new features to differentiate from other social media platforms. Today Snapchat Drops Off New Features Like Limitless Snaps, Loops & More, letting us have some more depth with our Snap’s. Snapchat users will now find an “infinity” timer option which allows recipients “to […]

adidas Announces ‘ALL DAY’ A New Fitness App

Technology has changed the way we do everything. From the way we connect with friends and family to the way, we keep track of our goals in life. Well, today Adidas is back with something new, looking to help you keep track of your fitness with a new app called ‘ALL DAY.’ The new app […]

Instagram Now Supports Multiple Photos & Videos In A Single Post

Technology and everything connected to it changes daily. From updates and upgrades, new apps, new technology, new devices and more, it is tough to keep up. Today Instagram is back, adding another layer to their photo sharing platform. Today the word comes down that IG now supports sharing multiple photos and videos in a single […]

Uber’s New Feature Lets you ‘Thank’ Your Driver

Let’s be honest, none of really go out of our way to thank folks for their service. This includes thanking people who hold doors, serve our food, and so much more. Well, Uber is aiming to change all of that, bringing any easy way to compliment your driver and give back some positivity in the […]

Google’s New Travel App Google Trips

Let’s be real, in today’s world of information and data; Google is a go-to for nearly everything we need. Today they aim to expand their reach with a new travel app. That’s right, Google’s New Travel App Google Trips will provide you with all of the needed information to have the best possible vacation. The […]

Instagram Aims To Tell The Story Behind The Music Industry In New @Music Account

Instagram has announced it’s new @Music channel, a look into the photos and stories behind those that create music and the community that surrounds it.  The first photo on the account details the new platform in this way: The music community is –– and always has been –– an important part of Instagram. For the […]