T-Pain Freestyles Live, Reacts to Chris Brown & Adrienne Bailon Conflict, & Talks Kissing Strippers


This morning, Mr. Teddy Pernderassdown stopped by Sway in the Morning and opened up about his new album, T-Pain Presents: Happy Hour, The Greatest Hits — and why they’re not really his greatest hits yet.

Nonetheless, he joins Tracy G and the team for Celebrity Wire. As Tracy tells the news about CB and Adrienne Bailon’s conflict, T-Pain remains neutral and gives us his honest thoughts.

Next up, the Stripper Etiquette Test with our very own, DB. Watch below as he explains why kissing a stripper is ok, and why wifing one is also a possibility. Don’t miss his in-studio freestyle too!

T-Pain Presents: Happy Hour, The Greatest Hits is out now. Cop it on iTunes HERE.

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