T.J. Miller Calls Ryan Reynolds Distractingly Handsome, Clears the Air About Stephen Colbert Interview & “Deadpool” Being the Only Real Superhero Comedy

Touting his accomplishments of being Mr. Mucus with a smile, T.J. Miller recently stopped by Sway in the Morning to speak on his role in the new film “Deadpool.” Starring opposite of Ryan Reynolds, Miller makes the point of Reynolds being funny in the film only because we’re not distracted by his handsomeness. Joking about how awkward it is to do press with Reynolds due to reporters hitting on him, Miller jokes that his own jawline resembles that of a horse.

With “Deadpool” pushing the limits as the only true superhero comedy, Miller speaks on his excitement for the film and wanting to be a part of more “Deadpool” films in the future.

After smashing an egg on his head and touching Stephen Colbert with skeleton hands on live TV we hear Miller explain that he has no problem with the Late Show host and simply believes they have two different styles of comedy. Check out the full interview and stay up to date with all things TJ Miller on Twitter @nottjmiller.

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