T.I., Domani and Messiah Blaze “Family Connect”

T.I., Domani and Messiah Blaze “Family Connect”

Music is a reflection of reality and unfortunately, many times in Hip Hop, we experience the sorrowful stories of growing up fatherless. For many of us Hip Hop becomes the vessel in which we seek our life advice and wisdom. We cling to every word hoping to learn lessons from successful men who look like us. 

Aside from music, TV became the medium in which many found inspiration and hope while watching positive black families. Shows like ‘A Different World’  & ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ provided a comedic approach, while ‘Good Times and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ supplied the lessons and strategy it takes to raise a family. 

In 2011 ‘T.I. and Tiny’s Family Hustle’ displayed a realistic example of what raising a family is like. Since then, T.I. has not eased off from being a father. In fact, on his most recent 20 – track album “The L.I.B.R.A.”,  the Bankhead Atlanta emcee T.I. teamed up with his two sons to create a refreshing and soulful, yet tactical record titled ‘Family Connect’. The harmonious record is produced by 20-year-old Messiah and also features the 19-year-old emcee Domani. 

T.I. effortlessly rips through his bars giving wise reflections and fatherly game as Domani shares his perspective as a young man trying to make it on his own efforts and talent. This Harris family trio brought an invigorating vibe as T.I & Domani’s exchange is the epitome of the impact of fatherhood. Throughout the track, we hear stanzas fueled with strong values and rhyme schemes infused with wisdom and passion. 

Take a listen to this masterfully crafted song as Domani steps into his own and fortifies himself as a young and talented emcee.

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