T.I. Continues to Speak Up, Comes Fully Loaded in “Warzone”

T.I. Continues to Speak Up, Comes Fully Loaded in “Warzone”

Rapper. Entrepreneur. Father. Actor. There are a lot of ways to describe the “King of the South” T.I but no matter what you call him, everyone knows whether they are a fan or not – he is a stand up dude. Whether it’s openly admitting faults/mistakes of the past and growing from them or using his voice for a bigger cause in recent tracks like “We Will Not“, Tip has been a 5’9 giant since day one. It shouldn’t surprise anyone with the latest drop as he unloads lyrical artillery courtesy of the new “Warzone”.

Continuing to use his voice to address the brutality and similar issues that seem to be avoided or distorted when stemming from a black empowerment point of view, he gets busy on the new single. Check it out on TIDAL right here and don’t miss out on his latest video either.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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