Syd Introduces Her First Track, “Bad Dream/No Looking Back,” From her Next Project, Always Never Home

photo: @Sydinternet Instagram

With so much style, artistry, and versatility Syd finds herself in a cozy artistic zone. With such a smooth angelic voice she has captured the hearts of many music lovers, while being humble and quiet, she only lets her music speak for herself. Earlier this year she released her debut solo album, Fin. However, today she is back and has delivered a new track from her next project titled, “Bad Dream/No Looking Back.”

The track itself is a R&B track that is layered with many ambient new school sounds. Creating a vibe and forming two songs into one has seen to be very common with Syd’s music. The track is the perfect get away song for someone who wants to sit and relax.

You can check out the track below.

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