Sy Ari Da Kid Teams Up with Teauxny for 'Politically End Correct' Mixtape

Sy Ari Da Kid brings his laid back, on purpose lyric driven flow to the table as Teauxny provides a fitting complimentary sound for their collaborative mixtape “Politically End Correct“. The tape opens with a great speech by Denzel Washington that many should hear before Sy Ari jumps right into it with “Mirror Music”. After a busy 4th of July weekend, we know you may not have had a chance to run this project back as many times as you’d like and we are here to help change that. Quality shouldn’t be missed on.

Check out the trailer that had us excited for months prior to the “Politically End Correct” release below then turn up the speakers and press play on 9-tracks from Sy Ari Da Kid and Teauxny we have been waiting for.

Sy Ari

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