Sy Ari Da Kid Talks Marking Music On and Offline, Explains the Meaning of Upcoming Project "Politically End Correct" + Performs & Freestyles Live

One of the hardest working independent artists out, Sy Ari Da Kid is prepping to release his new project “Politically End Correct” on July 4.  To help get that started he joins Sway in the Morning to speak on his marketing tactics as an independent artist, the meaning behind the name of his project and performs new material and freestyles live.

Always putting in work and trying something new, Sy Ari speaks on working his marketing tactics both on and offline while also touring cities that often times get overlooked and winning over the crowd.

Along with that Sy Ari speaks on the meaning behind the name of his upcoming project, why having a child has been his hardest lesson to always put them first and speaks on his homie K Camp and not condemning people who makes lists like the XXL Freshman Cover.

Check out the exclusive interview, freestyle and performance below, follow Sy Ari Da Kid on Twitter @SyAriDaKid and look out for “Politically End Correct” on July 4.

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