#SwaySXSW- Watch DJ Paul Beatbox Live For B.o.B and Black Milk to Freestyle Over

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B.o.B, DJ Paul and Black Milk all sit down with Sway and the Sway in the Morning team while at SXSW. DJ Paul talks about making the first Rap/EDM track back in 2008 and how Sony didn’t know what to do with the record. Ahead of the game many would say as now Rap and EDM work together flawlessly and take over the radio waves now. B.o.B. says he feels like his career is just now beginning and that it’s almost like he’s making his first album again. The three all agree that Eminem has opened many doors for rap music and to the oscars as he was the first rapper to win an Oscar. Three great rappers reflect over their SXSW experiences and give insight into future endeavors. DJ Paul hits a crazy southern original beatbox for B.o.B. and Black Milk to freestyle over.

Watch the full interview with three veterans of the game + their freestyles below.

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