#SwaySxSW 2014: Snootie Wilds & Sean Faylon (Yo Gotti, Jail Time, and Relocating to Atlanta to pursue music) + acapella freestyles

SxSW is always one of the most enlightening festivals in the Urban/Pop Culture community. It gives artists the platform to be expressive in any way they want to be.

Of course, the Shade 45 had to go and scoop up all of the gems the festival had to offer. 

Here we have Snootie Wilds speaking on how he and Yo Gotti linked and being from the same hood. He also took the time to explain how he spent 4 years behind bars and choosing music over the streets as a result while Philly Rapper Sean Faylon discusses how he sets himself apart from all the other aspiring Philly rappers. & then the gemssssss… Both Snootie and Sean decided to spit hot 16’s, acapella. Peep:



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