World Premiere: Just Gift – Out of Date

World Premiere: Just Gift – Out of Date


They say the destination isn’t as important as the journey to get there, The Trip along the way makes the destination all worth it. Just Gift arrived on our SXSW Takeover stage in March and ripped apart the freestyle letting the world know he is a hyena through and through. These last six months have flown by leaving us in limbo without new music from the Austin local but that changed today with the World Premiere of his new single “Out of Date“.

While quality music is timeless, the new drop can be appreciated here and now without a doubt. He came up on the likes of Lloyd Banks punchlines and flipping multis behind Eminem Rap Olympics but as time grew on, his Austin roots embedded a wider variety of musical appreciation. There aren’t many artists that can perform with a jazz band switch to a rock band the following night and still rip through a crazy “Forgot About Dre” tribute cover after their set.  It’s that versatility that makes Just Gift hard to fit in any specific mold, talent like his normally transcends traditional boundaries.

When asked about preparation behind his release as things head in the right direction:

It feels a little strange starting to release this music. It’s sort of a kin to losing track of time playing a game. You have your mind so focused on what you’re doing that when the times up it surprises you a bit. I kind of want to keep setting new high scores.

It’s easy for artists to get caught up in the glamour behind music more so than thinking about what their words do once they leave those speakers but it’s very clear what Just Gift hopes to do behind the mic:

I hope they take away something positive, the music is gonna be consumed how it’s consumed. You hope people like it but you can’t tell them how or what to eat. I’m a big fan of interpretation. What they take from it may tell me more then what I want them to take from it. In a year I’d like to be touring around preparing for the next step. See all of the talent that’s out there in the world. You go to inspiration to be inspired. Your strengths can open doors and your weakness can close them. I want to see how many doors I can open…and keep open.

It’s Just Gift. #newmusic #JustGiftmusic

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sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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