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Both gorgeous and incredibly kind, Brazilian supermodel and Victoria Secret Angel Adriana Lima stopped by Sway in the Morning live from Super Bowl 50 in San Fransisco a few weeks ago. From her love of food and cooking to her life after modeling, Lima has Sway on the edge of his seat the entire interview.

As Heather B jokes with Lima about Sway’s ability to get her free BBQ, Lima laughs and entices Sway that they could cook together. Going over some famous Brazilian drinks, Heather B gets involved as they plan a fictitious party.

At 34-years young, Lima speaks on life as a mother and her plans for the future. Not giving up her dream of modeling until she absolutely has to, Lima’s vision of mature women models taking over is incredibly inspiring. But, if she does have to switch professions at any time, Lima says she would love to be an actress.

Getting into sports we hear Lima’s love for boxing while she tries to familiarize herself with the rules of American Football. Cheering for the Bronco’s because ‘they’re cute,’ Lima may not have a future in sports broadcasting. Check out the full interview and keep up with Adriana Lima on Twitter @AdrianaLima.

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