Sway’s Older Sister Regina Calloway Pushes the Culture Forward Through Dance and Powerful Pride in Oakland

Video by YSKSK Media

As the oldest of the family, it was almost necessary to have the right moves on cue when looking after younger siblings so dancing seemed like a natural fit for Sway’s older sister Regina Calloway. As the Super Bowl played guest to his hometown Oakland, his family continued to impress listeners showing more evidence of what makes Sway who he is today.

Reaching back to the roots of Jazz and Hip Hop, his sister Regina gave citizens a free lesson in the expression that dance truly is. Not only expressing it vocally while on air but hosting dance classes and pushing the culture forward in her own special way. Again, it’s not hard to tell why they’re such an important part of music – the love and respect for the art is ingrained in who they are.

Enjoy the full interview below and check out her latest dance updates right here.

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