Sway’s Super Bowl 2016: First Black Coach to Win the Super Bowl, Tony Dungy on Mentoring Players like Mike Vick

Video by YSKSK Media

Black History Month trivia: Who is the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl? You guessed it, the football guru next to Sway and Heather B – Tony Dungy. One of those great examples of professionalism in pro sports, when he coached his teams their success was in large part because he leads by demanding just as much from himself.

That same character shows off the field with how he interacts with his large family which includes 10 children and an extended family through mentorship. His innate ability to manage that many personalities and connect with tastes of different generations helped him respect more than shame Cam Newton‘s style of celebration. A “dab” frenzy that turned into something negative when it was intended to bring a youthful fun to a game that could use it every now and then. It is in fact called a “game” at the end of the day and sometimes the business or presentation gets in the way of that simple joy sports can bring.

In a league with only 3 out of 32 coaches being of color, he weighs in on the situation and touches on a few ways he believes that will change. Not only was he the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl but he also takes time to mentor players like Mike Vick to help them make the most of their opportunity. Those type of gestures separate Tony Dungy from a lot of coaches the league has seen before and whether it is on a team’s sidelines or in a broadcast booth, he is doing what he loves. Enjoy the full interview below:

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